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Do you know someone that is pregnant and going to be having a baby shower? Will you be attending it, but have no idea what to get as a baby gift for this event? Sometimes choosing a gift for a baby can be hard. Especially if it is not for your baby then you do not know really what you should be getting for someone else. Here are some single baby gifts that you should consider. Most people when they are having a baby shower are looking for simple gifts that they can use everyday for the baby.

Baby diapers are the perfect baby gift. These are great most moms will not ask you to get them a box of diapers, but this is something that not many people think of when they are getting a baby gift. Diapers are something that the baby will be using everyday. It is best to give the parents the receipt just if the diapers are to large or to small. The best size to go with is somewhere around a 1 this seems to be the general for all newborns. Belive me even though this may seem unusual it is not and the parents will be thanking you for it. No mother that just has a newborn infant at home wants to be running to the store to pick up diapers.

Baby socks are a great gift for a baby. A lot mothers that have been in this for a while will tell you that you can never have to many socks. Try to avoid clothing when you are getting a baby gift this is something that most mothers shop a lot for before their babies good chances are by the time the baby is born the mother will already have over 100 outfits. Socks on the other hand will be very helpful. These seem to get forgotten as a baby gift because people think something that small cannot be that special, but for a soon to be parent it is.

Diaper bags make a great baby gift. These are functional and all mothers will need to have to have one or even two with their little ones. The best kind of diaper bags as a baby bag are the ones that look more like a larger purse. There are some name brands that make these types of baby bags. This is something that you should consider. I am sure that your friend will be thanking you after wards for such a great gift.

Baby swings are a god send for any new parent. If you know that your friend has not gotten a baby swing yet you might want to add this to you baby gift ideas list. These seem to keep the baby happy and allow the mother to move freely and get all the things that she needs to get done in the house . Rocking has been known to sooth children to sleep and that new mom might need to get her rest when coming home from the hospital. There are plenty of good brands out there.

Baby blankets and receiving blankets are great baby gifts no matter what season the baby is born in. If it is in the winter then you might want to get a cute fleece baby blanket as a baby gift. This type of blanket comes in plenty or different colors and styles to fit whatever gender the baby is going to be. Receiving blankets are great for both summer and winter. They are great for swaddling the baby and giving them the feeling that they are still in the mothers womb.

If you feel like you do not know what to get as a baby gift for a bay shower, here are some ideas that will having the mother thanking you in no time. Baby gifts are fun they do not have to be elaborate to be fun and these are the kinds of gifts, that mothers can use for everyday with their babies.