Genealogy (Family Trees)

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Genealogy Research Tips-Help to Start Your Family Tree

Starting your family tree sounds like a very difficult and almost an impossible project. That is far from the truth. The only difficult thing about it is beginning. You know you want to learn about your ancestors as much as anyone does, you just need a little help to start. Well look no more. You can learn right now how easy making your family tree is, and the best part of all it will not cost you a dime.

Starting a genealogy search is free. You need a PC and an internet connection, and then your can begin your free family tree search. The easy part. Begin with what you know. Write down all the information you already have on your family. Birth dates, marriage dates and death if applies.

To get an idea of what family members you need to know about look at your date book of whom you send birthday cards to, also if applicable Christmas card list are a good place to remember aunts, uncles, and cousins you have.

Start and piece together all the information you have on people, and guess what, you started making a family tree. You have accomplished quite a bit without even going on the internet yet. Now you should get a family tree template and pedigree chart to keep your information. These charts will tell you the questions you need answers to.

First when starting with a pedigree chart, it will help you keep records for your intimate ancestors. Parents, grand parents and great grandparents. On this chart, there are no spaces for aunts, uncles and cousins.

Always keep a separate paper to keep notes on other relatives you find information on until you can put them on a template. Now that you have exhausted your primary information, get in touch with your older relatives. Begin to ask them questions. Always bring with you a journal or some way to document the information. Ask them about the neighborhood they grew up in, the friends they had. What school and churches they may have attended.

You will surprise of the amount of information you can get, and the added bonus of making an older relative feel needed. They sometimes are amazed at how much they can remember about their own past. It just takes someone showing interest.

When visiting relatives ask to see old photo albums. They are usually full of information. If need borrow pictures so you can keep copies of them in your file. Very important is to document sources with every piece of information you find. The reason why documenting all your sources now, is in the future when you want a picture or a document you will know where to find them.

Now that you have collected all that, you can from family and relatives you need to take the next step in your journey of making a family tree. If your family has been living in the area where you are you can check your local library and town or city hall. They have records dating back usually the l800’s and many times even further back.nAlso online, you can check the archives of your local newspapers and other free websites that offer help in genealogy research.

One of the hardest things is to keep all your paperwork and notes you have organized. Try to keep folders, for separate information. The more you research your family history, the more paper, notes, and printouts you will have. Set up a folder for one family surname, or individual. What ever your find works best for you.

It is best to do it why you are just starting out with your research and it will not get overwhelming later on. Easy access to your files will make your genealogy search go much easier. Remember this suppose to be a fun and exciting project. So take it a step at a time. Start with one name and slowly take that name back as far as it will go. Then start on another name.

It is easy to stray away from your goal, when you learn an interesting fact about someone and you are sidetracked. Keep a note of it for later, and stay focused on the name you are working on now. Otherwise, you will find yourself all over the place. When that happens, you may find yourself getting frustrated, and want to throw in the towel. That is why it is important to take basic steps and follow through with each one. Eventually everything starts to open up and you will begin to uncover the mystery we call family, and where it all began.

Good luck, and share your family tree with all your relatives.