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Is a Home Based Internet Business Lifestyle For You?

Do You Want to Work from Home?

Picture this: You get up out of bed at 8 and go for a walk on the beach; it’s a beautiful warm, sunny morning. You have an hour long breakfast with your other half at your favourite café, there’s hardly anyone else there. It’s not surprising – it’s a work day. You go home and do a few hours work on your internet business after which you decide you need to have a work out at the local gym. In the afternoon you catch up with some friends or family and then do whatever you want in the evening.

Working from home with an internet business can give a great lifestyle if done correctly and the above is an attainable way to live. But if done the wrong way it can turn you into a slave. Right from the beginning it’s a good idea to decide exactly what you want your internet business to give you.


For example, what kind of income are you after? How many hours do you want to work on it? I’ll share with you some things to keep in mind when deciding to use the internet to work from home.

  1. Portability. Start a business that’s totally portable. This gives you the freedom to move to wherever you want, for example, if you wanted to move closer to family all you would need, ideally, is an internet connection and a phone line to operate your business.
  2. Flexibility. If you have a family, you know the luxury of a flexible timetable. Operating an internet business where you choose when to slot in the hours gives you lifestyle.
  3. High commissions. If you are selling or promoting products try to deal with items that have a high profit margin or high commission. Sometimes you can put in the same effort and earn a $1000 commission instead of a $500 commission.
  4. Get paid direct. Choose a business model where you get paid directly instead of waiting 7-45 days for a company to mail you a check. If you do the work today you should get paid today.
  5. Proven business model. Start an internet business that is based on proven results. If you are working in conjunction with another company.
  6. Residual income. This is where you do some work once then get paid multiple times. Not all businesses can provide this type if income but it should definitely be on your list.

Each person’s motivation for running an internet business from home can be wildly different from wanting more money to pay the bills to a total lifestyle change.

The above is definitely some tough criteria to stick to when looking to start an internet business to work form home, however, in this day and age traditional business models are being updated with more modern, flexible, and time efficient methods of making money from the comfort of your own home.

This is a suggested plan of action to get you started.