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How To Benefit From Music

Submitted by: Ken Snodin

In an effort to stay fit and healthy, people nowadays are becoming more and more conscious of their food and are following strict exercise regimens. The benefits of healthy food and exercise are well known. However, there is one more fact that people are not aware of. It is the positive impact of music on health. Young or old, music is an effective means of managing stress and hence can be an important effective tool to facilitate healthy existence. Music can play an important role throughout our lives. Music is based on sound waves that lie between our voice and the meditative brain wavelengths and as a result it can be a medium that can connect us with our higher conscious thereby relieving us of anxiety and tension.

Educationists have long known the benefits of music. Ability of playing musical instruments and making music improves our analytical abilities. In the process of learning music, the reading of musical notes and musical notations works towards stimulating the processes linked with solving mathematical and analytical problems and do extremely well in sciences.

The minds of young people are filled with eternal hope, which reflects in their musical creations. This can be clearly seen while watching them learn to play musical instruments and perform. The combination of young minds and the music evokes joy and hope. Unlike the people who have earned gray hair, the music of young people serves as a reminder to the fact that nothing is impossible.

There have been a lot of studies conducted on the influence of music. In the elderly people, music has been shown to not only reduce tension and anxiety but also the feeling of isolation and solitude. And a surprising revelation of this study was that the subjects enrolled for this study showed an increased production of human growth hormone, which has a positive effect on side effects of aging like wrinkling, osteoporosis, general aches and pains and even sexual function.

Health practitioners can draw an important inference from this study. It shows that group activity and interaction with other is important for a healthy living. It proves the long held belief that music is a means to link with our higher selves and thereby help us lead a healthy life that can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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