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How to Travel With Your Pets

When booking a flight with your pet, book a non-stop flight whenever possible to avoid the stress of having to change planes. Make the reservations for you and your pet at the same time because airlines often limit how many pets are allowed on each flight.

Tip: For extensive information on airline pet travel policies contact your airline or one of the advertisers on this page.

Overseas Travel

If you’re planning to fly overseas, make sure your dog has the necessary paperwork specific to your destination’s customs laws. Pet immigration laws are specific to each country, but one way to help the process go more smoothly is to create a pet  folder , which is a collection of all identifying and required  documents for entering a given country.

Tip: Check with your locals Customs office for -specific pet transportation rules, and you should be able to obtain the necessary forms online.

Preparing for the flight

First, visit the veterinarian as almost every airline requires documentation from a veterinarian that your pet is in good health before it can board a flight.

A veterinarian report should include a general physical examination to check for signs of illness, like coughing or diarrhea. The veterinarian should also make sure your pet’s required vaccinations are up to date.

You’ll also need teach your dog to hold its bladder. Start to extend the time between trips outside to urinate. This will help train your pet for longer times between pee breaks.

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