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Welcome to the World Wide Web

In 1991 the National Science Foundation (NSF) decided to lift commercial restrictions on the web. With the birth of electronic commerce many companies believed that there might be a future in website hosting services.

The same year, CERN unleashed the World Wide Web (www) onto the world, which incorporated Tim Berner-Lee’s new HTML computer Language. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and uses specifications for Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). It became the universal standard for locating website addresses.

Website hosting, with advancement of technology has become inexpensive and much less complicated than when it began. It started with big companies renting out extra space on their servers and has now become big business in itself. There are multitudes of companies that offer web hosting.

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, evolving computers and the internet. With every new development there are changes to the way the business of website hosting is packaged to the customers.